Looking at talent acquisition from the angle of HR, your specially crafted job post is meant to draw the attention of candidates to apply. The applicant saw your company website and it caught their interest as well as your social media presence. The said candidate would want to make a good impression by dressing well. At the point where they come into your company for an interview, what impression do they have of your office space? Does it depict the values that caught their interest when they applied for a job?

The shortage of workers is expected to continue and top organizations are moving forward to improve their offices. They are exploring new ways to use their physical assets to attract and retain talent.

Your Office As A Cultural Asset

A recent survey conducted by Workforce Magazine, sourced enquiries from HR experts to explain what factors motivate workplace culture changes currently. Most of the responses stressed the need for increased collaboration, engagement, retention and innovation. When asked about the building culture, most of the respondents agreed that the most effective strategies were better communication of the company’s mission, vision as well as cultural training and fit hiring.

Where people do their work has a very huge impact on the culture, productivity, experience and specialize in their engagement.

Choice working vs. working from home

The fact that a lot of people would choose to work from home does not mean everyone works outside the office. Many people still prefer to spend the most part of their time in the office because of reasons like proximity to their teammates, access to work resources and the community at large.

People want to work with the right tools and space for what they are doing. Factors like noise management, layout, proximity, adjustability, and technology are what constitutes the success of a good working environment. The type of work your staff will be doing is what you need to consider when creating work areas for functions. Incorporating a choice environment is a great opportunity for HR and CRR to work together. In other words, job function, policy, and a good physical environment should always be in alignment.

Working from home, on the other hand, can give employees a work-life balance. However, before this can work effectively, you have to consider if your current culture needs to be solid enough to accommodate a largely distributed workforce.

Winning the Fight for Talent

Working cultures are now changing and it is important to meet up to support new trends. Your current employees are very valuable and it is important that you have a better understanding of their needs, their idea of good working space and the tools they need to accomplish daily tasks.

The workplace design can be a key factor to increasing creativity, meaning, innovation and employee engagement. When you compare the physical elements in the workplace, you will realize it is more affordable to invest in modest improvements in your workspace than to spend money on replacement or hire. A good office structure that is designed to meet with the needs of the employees will keep your talent longer in your company.

Why not consider an office remodeling today? Have a professional design a perfect physical work that would fit with your company culture and also provide all the necessary resources to boost efficiency at your workplace. There won’t be any need to spend resources constantly looking to replace talent in your company if your employees are satisfied with the office structure and ambiance of their workspace.