London To Expect Possible Record Breaking Tall Buildings in 2019

The New London Architecture has just recently published the results of the Tall Building Survey for the year. The report which is published every year is now in its sixth year. According to the report, it states that the year 2019 will mark “The Year of the Tall Building”. It is said that a number of 76 tall buildings will be completed the county’s capital in 2019.

Specific key findings in the said report have also revealed that the number of tall buildings to be completed is three times higher than the buildings that were completed in 2018. The country currently has 541 tall buildings located in the pipeline for the capital. The report further states that 22 out of the 33 boroughs in London that have tall buildings are currently under construction. The buildings under construction will provide over 110,000 new homes which are a welcome solution for the chronic housing shortages London has experienced in the previous years.

Currently, it is said that the actual status of the 541 tall buildings in London pipeline can be categorized under 54 under pre-planning, 75 in planning, 291 buildings have granted permission while 121 are still undergoing construction. The 20 and 29 story buildings comprise 62% of the tall buildings in London while 30% are over 30 stories. There is a lot of expectations that the buildings to be constructed in 2019 will increase by threefold in the number of completed buildings.

The report shows that in 2018, applications for tall buildings dropped down by 3.8% in 2018. East London is at the top of the list in terms of terms of the tall buildings in London and those still under construction with its 257 buildings followed by Central London with 96 buildings, West London with 90, South London with 62 and North London with 34 tall buildings.

The report has confirmed that tall buildings will be a major component of the London skyline and the current development plan of the city despite the existing political uncertainty. The NLA report still holds a neutral view and decision on the position of tall buildings, it went further to cite a provision of the LSE research that indicated that tall buildings would be well suited for young occupiers and not really for families.

High rise building has also seen tremendous growth due to the popularity of rooftop bars and other entertainment venues made possible by skyscrapers. Furthermore, many online casinos have started to build their live casino studios*** at top level floors in certain skyscrapers in London, mainly due to the fact that the view for players is far more spectacular.

The report stresses the need to maintain high standards of architectural design for tall buildings especially considering their contribution to the London skyline.

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